Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Month of Sundays

I had a heart-to-heart conversation this summer with a good friend of mine.  Because she is so wise and grounded in the Catholic faith we share, I call her my Sacred Sister.  I always look forward to conversations with this friend, because I always walk away learning something valuable. 

AM and I talk just about everything—kids, marriage, faith, finances.  I cling to her words always knowing that I will use her knowledge in my home.  Just as has happened in past conversation, I walked away from the one we had this summer with renewed spirit.  I also walked away knowing that I needed to straighten up my act. 

I’d spread myself thin in some areas—spending too much volunteering for others.  And I was very aware that I’d been avoiding other areas—like our finances and my office. Ugh to the messes I’ve allowed myself to make.  

My family depends on me to keep things running smoothly, not bumbling them up, which I’d been unfortunately doing quite well.  That's when AM taught me the greatest lesson.  After listening to how disorganized I'd allowed myself to be, AM said, and made me repeat, “No is a full sentence.” 

She was right.  No IS a full sentence. 

I love to help people.  I love to work on life-changing projects.  But I needed to learn how to say no and to stick with that answer. 

It was time for me to scale back some activities.  So I did.   I managed my time better.  I rearranged my priorities.  I kept my promise to get organized and to remember to say no I needed to.  So when Sarah at The Puzzled Parent, who’s been encouraging me and supporting my other writing endeavors, sent me a message saying that I needed to start my own blog, I laughed.  I was flattered, but I laughed out loud.  

Then laughed some more. 

Like I have time to add one more thing, I told her.  But, here I am.  Writing this blog.  And getting my other work done, I might add.  Sure, I’m still learning how to update, format, save and publish the blog without making any mistakes, but this writing that I get to do, even if it’s just for me, just like getting myself organized, it’s exactly what I needed.  And it’s exactly what Sarah believed I could do. 

In the few days I’ve sat down to write, I’m finding myself truly writing for me.  Yes, I get to share my thoughts with you, but it's rewarding to have a little place here on the web to write every day if I need to and to post every day if I want to.  

I love that I can share my Sunday post on Age of Autism.  I appreciate that I can pop up a blog almost any time for The Thinking Moms’ Revolution.  And I’m honored to be able to submit articles to The Autism File when I’m asked.  But here, on this page, on this blog, it’s like I have a month of Sundays at my disposal.  I couldn’t be more excited. 

xo, Cat

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