Friday, October 17, 2014

Create Your Own Ending

Years ago, when my son regressed and began to lose his speech, I found myself needing to speak up for him.  In the process of speaking up for Ronan, I found my own voice.  I also found another way to communicate:  through writing. 

Most of my writing has revolved around my son.  He motivates me.  He motivates others.  Ronan’s story can be found in countless posts and articles on the web as well as in a chapter of a book.  I’ve written about his growth and development and how he inspires people.  I’m blessed to have an audience support us and be eager to read more of my work.  

For quite some time now, I’ve submitted my stories to several publications.  For years though, I’ve wanted to write for myself.  But for years I’ve forgotten to.  A friend on Facebook recently mentioned something that triggered a memory and an unfulfilled desire of mine.  A friend’s husband bought their daughter a create-your-own-ending novel.  I’ve been wanting to use that type of story in a post for some time now.  That Facebook status, as well as The Puzzled Parent's gentle nudge, prompted me to finally create my own blog.  So thank you, Chris! And thank you, Sarah!

I remember reading create-your-own-ending types of books in grade school.  Like any other book I started reading the story on page 1.  But this was an adventure book, so when I got to the end of chapter 1, I was left with a decision:  continue to chapter 2 or skip ahead to page 34.  The natural progression would be to continue to chapter 2.  That would keep me, the reader, in a comfortable spot.  Jumping ahead to page 34 might prove entertaining though.  It could lead to a surprise character, an unforeseen twist to the plot or could lead me down a path to a completely different ending.  How the story evolved was now up to me. 

Create your own ending.  Isn’t that what we’re doing?  We start life at the beginning.  From that instant, we’re working toward an ending.  With each step we take, we’re paving our own path.  We’re given options.  We face obstacles.  We search for answers.  We learn new things as we go.  As we learn, we make decisions. Those decisions set the stage for the future.  The future is founded on events that began at the beginning. 

Creating a story.  Yours.  Mine.  Ours.  Life is full of stories.  

Stick around.  I have a few that I'd like to share...

xo, Cat

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