Thursday, October 30, 2014


I’ve always liked going to the library.  The books.  The shelves.  The little study cubbies that line the walls.  It’s all so peaceful and comforting to me. 

I’ll pop into our library if I’m on that end of town doing errands.  Some days I can only stay a few minutes while other days I can spend an hour or more there.  Some days I have an agenda—return movies, find a book about a particular therapy, get the kids some movies for the weekend.  Other days I’ll go to the library just because I can. 

Each time I go to the library, I check to see if The Thinking Moms’ Revolution’s book, Autism Beyond the Spectrum, is there.  If it’s on the shelf, I may or may not do some minor rearranging.  I’m proud of that book.  My chapter, as well as some other writing contributions, is in that book.  It took a lot of work and coordination with the other 23 writers, but I got a taste of what it took to see a project go from a dream to reality. 

The last two times I saw the TMR book, I made sure it was on the 
end of the shelf, displayed with the front cover showing. 

I’ve always wanted to write my own book.  I’ve had that dream since I was in the second grade.  Years ago, before Ronan got sick, I started to turn that life-long dream of mine into a reality and began writing a children’s novel.  I have ten chapters written but haven’t finished it.  Someday I’ll write the last two chapters so I can submit it to a publisher.  

I know that not every dream pans out.  But the one that do become reality?  They inspire others.  They give people hope.  They bring people together.  They remind people to believe.  

For as long as I live, I want to always believe.

xo, Cat

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