Friday, October 31, 2014

Forced to Slow Down

A week ago, I wrenched my back.  Instead of slowing down and taking it easy then, I kept on going.  

Like I usually do.  

Doing more than I should have.  

Taking care of everyone else.  

Telling myself I'd take care of me later.  

Which turned into never.  

I went from achy to having severe back pain.  Now, all I want to do is be still and wrap myself in a heating pad.  If someone offered me heating pad pants, I guarantee you I'd be wearing them right now.  

Using the heating pad helps relieve some of the ache.  But I can only sit down or lay down with it only for so long before someone needs me.  Or wants my help.  Or asks for my undivided attention.  

I should've listened to my body a week ago.  

It's screaming at me now.  

My back.  

My tail bone. 

And now my hips. 


And wah!  I want my Mommy :( 

I didn't slow down.  Not many Moms do, I suspect.  I know I better figure out soon how to better care for my back and to also slow down.  I need to do that before something worse happens—before I'm forced to come to a complete stop.  

xo, Cat  

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