Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Listen Closely

I’m always flattered when other parents reach out to me.  Sometimes they want to know my experience.  Sometimes it’s specific advice they seek.  Sometimes they just want me to be an ear to listen. 

I listen. 

I answer what I can. 

I promise always to be there.  

When the tables are turned and I’m the one seeking help, answers have been given to me.  I listen carefully to everything that is mentioned.  I jot down notes.  I look up what’s been suggested.  I may not always get to use the advice I’m given, but it’s nice to be heard. 

This journey hasn’t been the easiest, but it’s comforting to know that someone else understands exactly what it feels like to be in my shoes.  I’ll forget that every now and then and think that I’m the only one on the planet dealing with whatever it is that I’m dealing with.  But that tends to happen when I concentrate on what Ronan can’t do.  I forget the things he can do.  

Ronan can read.

Ronan can write.

Ronan can communicate.

Ronan can surprise us too.  

He did that this week when he responded verbally to a question at school.  Well, guess what?  He surprised us again last night.

Ronan said two words while we read one of his beloved Dr. Seuss books to him.  They were short words (am and in) from Green Eggs and Ham.  But they were said.  Outloud.  And with purpose.    

Listen closely, you’ll hear Ronan say ‘in’ in this video:

As the parent of a severely affected non-verbal child, I haven’t always been the most hopeful person.  I haven’t always kept the faith.  And I don’t always feel like getting back up again when I fall down.  But when I do remember to slow down, when I do listen closely, and when I get to see what Ronan can do, I can't help but believe.    

xo, Cat

Ronan has been inspired by Dr. Seuss's stories before.  He uttered a full sentence after reading The Cat in the Hat.  You can read that story here:

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