Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Share: Autism File’s Parent-Powered Therapies

I have a billion and one things to do today, so I’m sharing a link to an article that I wrote a few years ago for the Autism File Magazine.  The article dovetails some of what I shared yesterday about living in a therapy house.  

Finding time for therapy sessions, and being able to afford them, can sometimes be difficult.  Being able to work with what you have at home may help to cut some costs.  This article offers a few suggestions for activities to try at home with items typically found around the house.  Some of the suggestions were made by friends and others were made by a few of our amazing therapists.  Feel free to share ideas that you have used successfully in your home.  I love it when other people can offer advice that works, especially when that advice helps our children. 

xo, Cat

Please follow this link to read the article: Parent-Powered Therapies

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