Tuesday, November 11, 2014

As the Day Draws to a Close

It was report card day last week for three of my children.  My kids have worked hard this school year, and I knew that their report cards reflect that.  Let me just say that after seeing the grades, I am one proud mama!    

Something that goes along with these first quarter report cards are parent-teacher conferences.  Those were scheduled for this week.  Sitting through those conferences made me smile.  I was given reports of my kids turning in good work, performing good deeds a having good attitudes. 

Go kiddos!

Ronan came with me to the conferences today.  I’m proud of him too.  He continues to be able to walk in and out of his siblings’ school with ease. He knows to hold my hand and to follow my directions while we are in the office, the lunchroom, the classrooms and the gym.  I’m grateful for that because another sport’s season has begun and we’d like to attend the games and cheer on the team as a family. 

Other people are noticing that Ronan is doing well too.  Several teachers who know Ronan have commented about how they’ve enjoyed seeing him be able to join the fun.  Today, one of my children’s teachers who doesn’t know Ronan as well yet, asked as we wrapped up our conference, “Can I ask you about Ronan?” 

Of course!  What would you like to know? 

I started in with a brief history of how Ronan was a happy, typical baby.  Then I listed a few of the diagnoses he has and how they’ve impacted his health and abilities.  I offered that we’ve faced struggles along the way but that with prayer, and with constant support, we’ve been able to get help for Ronan.  I explained the sensory issues and why Ronan wears his noise-reduction headphones.  I mentioned how much Little Buddy wants Ronan to be able to talk and to play LEGOs with him and that he has a special devotion to Fr. Vincent Capodanno asking him to intercede for Ronan.  I also told the teacher that Ronan’s siblings would do anything for him and actually do just that.  I praised her for understanding that some days will be tough for my kids but that I’m grateful that each of my kids’ classes lift Ronan up in their prayers.  We appreciate that these classmates recognize that we have a much different situation than many of their other families do and are always polite about our situation and that they are especially respectful toward Ronan when they get to see him. 

I’m glad this teacher was kind enough to ask about Ronan.  The teachers and school staff that we’ve encountered have been so thoughtful.  They have been completely understanding with my children too.  I need that to happen because they are a big part of my kids’ day spending hours and hours with them.  They know that whatever happens with Ronan, be it preparing for new medical test or for a nerve-wracking procedure, it has the potential to affect the entire family.  I appreciate being able to be totally honest with the school staff, including with this teacher, as well as having their support. 

Once that conference and that quick conversation about Ronan was over, it was time to celebrate.  We took the kids out for a treat and shared what the teachers told us about their academic performance.  We encouraged the kids to continue to work hard and to stay focused during the second quarter like they were for the first.  They promised to do that and to make us proud of their efforts. 

As soon as we were done eating, we headed home.  Ronan was getting tired, but the other kids were chatty the entire ride home.  They made plans for outside playtime before they needed to start their dinner chores.  

I listened to the silliness and hoped they could get some extra outside time to burn off some of their energy and so that I could catch up on a few things on my To Do list.  That list was growing as I was also thinking about what I have to do tomorrow.  As we rounded the corner to our street, we came home to the start of a fantastic sunset.  My list of things to do would have to wait.  The sky was just beautiful! 

I couldn’t take my eyes off of that sunset.  I still had a lot to do though—make dinner, answer some emails, get ready for a busy tomorrow, but I needed to take a few moments to appreciate today.   

Today was another full day, but it was a day that was much better than yesterday. 

Today was sprinkled with accomplishments, ones achieved by Ronan’s super siblings.

Today was a day that had me smiling, smiling more than I have been able to lately. 

Today was one of those day that I didn’t want to end.

Sometimes I’m happy when a day ends.  I want those bad days to end long before the clock says it will.  When those bad days happen, I can’t wait to get rid of them.  I want to forget the struggle.  I want to dismiss the interruptions.  I want to leave the annoyances for someone else to deal with.  Today was not one of those kinds of days. 

Watching that sunset, I didn’t want today to be over.  I didn't want the day to end just yet.  But, in the same breath, I was happy that it was drawing to a close and that I would soon be welcoming the night hours.  

The quiet of the night was coming.  I got to see that transformation in the evening sky.  I got to feel the outside world begin to slow down.  I got to see the natural sunlight be replaced with the light of the rising moon.  Just as the moonlight would soon shine, I knew that my house would fill with lights, laughter and a few more minutes of silliness. I couldn't wait to hear those sounds and to be wrapped in that comforting feeling I get when my family is altogether at the end of a good day.  

Today was a good day.  It was a much, much better day than the last few that I’ve had.  I am grateful for today, for what it brought and for what it leads to.  It leads to a new tomorrow.  Tomorrow comes with a new start.  It comes with opportunities to learn, to hope and to always remember to believe.    

xo, Cat

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