Monday, November 24, 2014

On the Radio

I am not the best public speaker.  When up on stage and with the spotlight on me, I get nervous.  I bumble up my thoughts.  I trip over my words.  I ramble on and on.  And my cheeks get really, really red.  So when a friend shared in a group that someone wanted to interview us, I didn't volunteer.  

I didn't respond to the request.  

I kept quiet.  

I made every excuse not to pursue the interview.  

But when I found out the topic and how the other Moms' interviews were going, I knew I couldn't pass up the opportunity.  

The topic: autism.  

The mission:  share Ronan's story

I know a thing or two about autism.  And I know Ronan's story as if it's my own because frankly, it is.  

I've shared Ronan's story so many times already, so why wouldn't I share it one more time?  Plus, it was going to be a radio show.  That meant no center stage.  No cameras.  No lights.  No make-up.  And no need to be nervous.  

You're on the air...
I'm so glad I made time to talk.   I was able to speak freely on his show.  I shared some of the struggles and hardships that I've had to overcome.  I shared Ronan's story, one that I know so well, and added that I wished I had listened to my mother's intuition.  I know things would be different had I listened to my gut. 

During the show, I also talked about treatments that have worked for Ronan.  I shared that I, like other parents, have benefited from being able to reach out to others when things get tough.  Relying on friends, including those met online, make this journey easier.  Finding support from communities like the one that the Thinking Moms have created, has also helped me and countless others.  

I'm so glad I answered the call to be on this show.  I mentioned quite a few things during the 30 minutes but honestly could have talk all day about Ronan, about autism, and about things I've learned along the way.  I'm grateful that I have other avenues to share what I've learned through my writing.  I'll keep sharing what I know in the hopes that it can help another family.  

The radio show is scheduled to air in a few weeks.  I'll be sure to post a link when it's available.  

xo, Cat


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