Sunday, November 30, 2014

Shot of Grace

At Church today, the Littlest Pickle perked up when our priest lit the first Advent candle at Mass.  She leaned over and whispered, "He hasn't done that in a long time, Mommy."  Yep, the season is upon us once more.  It's my favorite one to celebrate.  

The first week of Advent always creeps up on me.  One year, after spending hours searching for the Advent wreath but coming up empty handed, I was forced to improvise.  
Shot of grace, anyone?
Life remains incredibly busy for me, but I was determined to find the Advent wreath before Advent started this year.  Thank you, hubby, for finding the wreath and the candles yesterday! 
First week of Advent
We lit our first candle at dinner tonight.  After lighting the candle, I read the beginning of the Jesse Tree story from a book my parents gave me many years ago.  

We'll continue to read the Jesse Tree story when we gather as a family at the end of each day.  We'll recall the day's events and share our hopes for tomorrow.  We'll also countdown to one of the holiest of days on the calendar too.  In between prayers, reflections and a countdown to the 25th, we'll say prayers of thanksgiving, too.  We'll ask for continued blessings for the people we hold in our thoughts and hearts.  

The thought of continued blessings keeps me hopeful.  I pray it does for you as well.  

xo, Cat


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