Tuesday, November 18, 2014

This Side of Heaven

Today would have been my friend's birthday.  I'd like to honor my friend in today's post.  The post is something I wrote when I found out that Melanie passed away.  

So many people loved Melanie.  So many people respected her and wanted to see her kick cancer's butt.  Melanie had done that twice before.  Unfortunately, a third time wasn't meant to be. 

Melanie, also known as TMR's Booty Kicker, was one of the most giving, most peaceful, most friendly person I've known.  I miss her so much.  A lot of us do.  

Until we meet again, rest in peace, my beautiful friend.  

xo, Cat


I had an awful feeling that I would be writing this. I didn’t want to admit how very scared I was when I heard that you were going back into the hospital just a few weeks ago.  How you loathed that place.  But you knew something wasn’t right.  You had a feeling that cancer had crept back into your life.  When it was confirmed that it had come back a third time, I think you knew the end was near.  As much as I tried to push that awful thought out of my head, I think I knew it too.

You kicked cancer’s butt twice already.  But this last time was, well, the last time.  You tried to remain strong and upbeat about it.  You did that for us.  You didn’t want us to worry.  You said things would be okay and that it would all work out.  I wish things had worked out differently.  I’m on this side of Heaven missing you. 

Heaven was always on your mind.  Even when you were healthy, you knew that was where you’d one day want to be.  I think that’s why you were at peace when you shared the bad news with us.  You knew Heaven was closer than ever before.  You didn’t want us to be sad. Thank you for always thinking of us.  You always did that—took care of us.  It was your nature to look out for other people.  To find the good in them.  To open their minds.  And to open their hearts. It’s how you lived.  It’s how you inspired others to live. That was who you were.  You brought peace and your love for Jesus everywhere you went.  People could see that, and I know they could feel that.

Even with that love you shared, things weren’t always easy.  You shared difficulties with us and asked us for help.  What an honor it was to help you.  We could see you struggling physically, but you always kept your faith.  That faith was going to see you through to the end, and end that came too quickly for the rest of us.  We didn’t want to see you go, but you knew it was time.  You hung on until your body couldn’t any longer.  The only relief I feel now is imagining the reception you received when you went Home, Home to Heaven.

What a joy it is for me to picture you now—wrapped in the arms of Jesus, just where one day you always hoped to be.  What a homecoming that must have been!  To be with Your Savior and to be surrounded by His love forever.  I hope one day too to join you in that Glory. 

Melanie, you taught me so much in just a few short years.  You taught me how to live and how to forgive.  You taught me how to find peace and how to hold onto it.  Your kindness is something I will cherish forever.  I’ll remember the times we laughed and the times we cried.  I’ll remember the hugs we got to give and get from one another and how comforted I feel to have been one of those people you called friend.  I’ll remember all of that and try very hard to feel peace in my heart again. 

My heart is so heavy now.  But I promise you that I will find peace and share it with others.  I know it’s what you would want me to do.  To continue to give.  To love.  To remember to hope.  And to always, always believe. 

Rest in eternal peace, my beautiful friend. 

xo, Mamacita


TMR's Tribute to Booty Kicker

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