Monday, November 17, 2014

Unlimited Wishes

“What would you wish if you had unlimited wishes?”

That’s what Little Buddy asked me on our way home from Mass on Sunday.

“Unlimited wishes?  Wow, that sounds pretty neat,” I replied.  

I knew I’d say that I’d wish for a million dollars.  Ever since I was a kid, any time I’m asked to make a wish I wish for a million dollars.  But, I could tell that Little Buddy wanted a more serious answer.

Instead of giving my son my list of wishes, I asked, “Hmmm, before I say what I’d wish for, what would you wish for?”

Without hesitating, Little Buddy said he’d wish that Ronan could talk.  He added that he’d wish that he could make an eating-talking cookie.  That was an idea that Little Buddy came up with several years ago.  The cookie ingredients would include some letters and words.  And a microphone too!  After everything was mixed in and baked, Little Buddy would ask his big brother to eat the cookie.  When all the letters and words were eaten, he imagined that Ronan would be able to talk like a regular boy. 

I smiled. 

I remembered when the eating-talking cookie idea was first discussed.  The kids were much younger.  Conversations were full of innocent thoughts and fantastical ideas.  Pretend play ruled their days.  Imaginations were consulted and used constantly.  Being creative helped.  It's helped them to understand and to cope with some very tough times.  

I love that Little Buddy held onto his eating-cookie idea.  I also love that he said he’d use his first wish for someone else.  The thought of giving all my wishes away to someone else didn’t cross my mind as quickly as it did for him.  I would do that, of course, but Little Buddy was ready to give all of his unlimited wishes to Ronan right away. 

Unlimited wishes.  While we haven’t found a bagful of those, another type of wish that my children do have at their disposal is their birthday wishes.  Even though they could easily keep those wishes for themselves, they use those wishes on Ronan.  I’ve overheard the kids talking with each other about that after they’ve blown out the birthday candles.  These kids.  They truly love their brother. 

Little Buddy’s greatest wish is for Ronan to talk.  He hopes, prays and wishes for that more than anything.  As hopeful as he is, Little Buddy knows that sometimes wishes take a long time to happen.  He also knows that some of them won’t pan out.  I’m sure that’s why Ronan remains Little Buddy's number one prayer intention. 

Hope, prayers and wishes.  I never want to be without them. 

xo, Cat

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