Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Share: Required Summer Reading

I have to call the dentist this week.  Ronan's in need of a teeth cleaning.  It's a simple procedure, but one that has never been easy for him.  If you're the praying type, please send some prayers our way.  Prayers that Ronan be able to handle the dental exam.  And prayers that I don't get the run around from the dentist about fluoride.  

Speaking of the fluoride run around, I wrote about that last summer for Health Choice.  If you haven't heard about this group yet, Health Choice exists "to promote the right to individual health choice and stand up for the victims of medical injury."  You can check them out on Facebook and also keep up with their news and events on Twitter.  

xo, Cat

The first page of the paperwork about the specific sealants our dentist uses:  note the Classifications column. It includes two codes: Xi and T. “Xi” denotes that an ingredient is an irritant. “T” means toxic.  


And you want to put that in my kids?  

No thanks.  


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