Friday, December 5, 2014

Broken Record

I noticed something again today.  I noticed it as I was writing my next Age of Autism piece.  I write about vaccines a lot.  I don’t like to, but with how vaccines have affected our lives, they’re an almost daily topic.  I’m sure some people think I sound like a broken record when it comes to vaccines.  But that’s because vaccines were not a one and done type of thing for us.

One and done would have been nice, but vaccines had longer lasting effects.  They were just not the desirable effects we were lead to believe they had.  Instead of good results, we got: 

Language problems

Fine motor skills issues

Gross motor delays

GI distress


Those effects are not portrayed in the cheery vaccine adverts.  But my family knows all about them.  We recognize them on a daily basis.  When Ronan tries to talk but can’t.  When Ronan tries to tolerate sounds and touch but can't.  When Ronan tries to eat but comes close to aspirating.  When we hope we won’t have to continue to resort to seizure meds but can't because Ronan’s still so far from being seizure-free.

I noticed something else when I wrote today.  It wasn’t something that’ll ever be published or shared on Facebook or presented to an audience.  What I noticed was in the responses of the private messages I get.  I got two private messages today about vaccines.  Those messages are similar to other ones that I’ve received over the years from other mothers. 

It’s the request for information. 

It’s the plea for assurance that they have the right to say no to pushy providers. 

It’s a thanks for helping them when their doctor refused to.  

Some of the messages I get are painful to read and to respond to.  But the writing that I do in those private messages is as important if not more important than the writing I do in the articles and blogs I submit. 

Writing about vaccines isn’t a bad thing.  I just never thought I’d be writing about them as much as I have.  I’ll continue to write and share what I know about them.  I’ll continue to do that until the long-lasting effects of Ronan’s vaccine injury has finally run its course.

xo, Cat

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