Tuesday, December 9, 2014


I'm catching up on some paperwork, phone calls and emails today.  I'd like to write a new entry for today's post, but I'm recycling a Facebook entry that I shared in mid-September.  That entry had me wanting to do cartwheels.
Remember those pesky SMOs Ronan just got?  The ones he doesn't like?  The ones that he's got to get used to? The ones that caused a 'sad cry sad' meltdown yesterday?  I told him he had to wear them for a few minutes today just like he did yesterday.  He resisted but then let me put them on his feet.  He made it to thirty minutes, and when he was done testing them out today...he let me know.  On his voice output device Ronan started typing:


Then he walked over to me.  He lifted his foot.  He pointed to it...and looked at me with those gorgeous brown eyes.  I signed, 'All finished?' and he calmly signed, 'All finished.'  WOW.  

No meltdown. 

No crying. 

No sadness! 

We've use the countdown strategy for yucky situations we have to do (blood draws, getting blood pressure readings...mostly doctor office things that overwhelm him), but I have never seen him initiate the countdown until just now.  I am SO stinking proud of him.
The countdown begins.  10...

Update about those pesky SMOs:  

Ronan 'baby stepped' into wearing them for a few weeks. We built up to one hour a day, two hours a day, three hours a day...  Now, he's able to wear them all day long!  I know it was difficult for Ronan, but he cooperates fully when I put them on.  Only a few times has Ronan signed "no" when it was time to wear them.  I respect that he may need a break, so we set a timer.  When it gets down to 10, 9, 8...Ronan knows he needs to walk over to me and lift his foot so that I can put the SMOs back on.  

Keep up the great work, Ronan.  Your coping strategies are amazing!

xo, Cat

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