Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Dreaded Paperwork

Paperwork.  I loathe paperwork.  Check out the paperwork that I’m sorting through this week. 

If Ronan's paperwork could talk...

The stack on the left is Ronan’s.  The stack on the right is Little Buddy’s. 

What’s in Ronan’s stack?  It’s most of this year’s Explanation of Benefits (EOBs), pharmacy slips, medical reports and therapy notes.  I’m still gathering all of Ronan’s paperwork, so that stack will grow at least another ¼ of an inch by the end of December. 

What’s in Little Buddy’s stack?  One piece of paper.  It’s an EOB from one appointment that he had earlier this year.  

One piece of paper.  

For one appointment.  

For one temporary setback.  


Two brothers.  Both vaccine injured.  One brother permanently medically damaged.  One brother recovered.  What a world of difference. 

xo, Cat

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