Friday, December 12, 2014

Faith and Understanding

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us!

During evening prayers, the kids will often add a special intention.  Last night, my little girls wanted us to pray for two friends we've lost in the last year.  Mel-la-lee, as the Littlest Pickle affectionately calls Melanie, and D., a friend who unexpectedly passed away a year ago this week.  Both friends were only in their early 40s.  Their deaths shocked us and saddened us.  That sadness has left a huge hole in our hearts, a hole that we sometimes feel will never be filled.  

Last night we were reminded again of how big that hole sometimes feels.  As we remembered Melanie and D., the Littlest Pickle began to cry.  Tears ran down her cheeks when we began our prayers, "In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit..."  

We pray a lot.  We pray quietly and together.  In our prayers, we offer thanksgiving.  We ask for guidance.  For healing. And for protection.  Some of our prayers are answered, and we rejoice.  Some of our prayers are not answered as quickly as we'd like.  But we wait.  That waiting for an answer is a true test in patience.  What comes later when that prayer is answered?  Both excitement and overwhelming gratitude.  

We love to celebrate answered prayers.  But some of our prayers have not been answered at all.  When that  happens, we can't help but wonder why.  

We try to understand why.  While we try to understand, and while we wait and wait and wait for an answer, we know to remain faithful.  And flexible.  And focused.  And patient.  Some days we can do all of that.  Other days it's hard to do all of that, and being faithful, flexible, focused and patient can sometimes turn into a struggle.  
Another random heart find, 
found on a day that I was missing our friend D. 
Even though some of our prayers have yet to be answered, especially Little Buddy's prayer requests for Ronan, we do remain faithful.  We do stay strong.  We do continue forward.  We know to keep our eyes on the path and to understanding that we are never alone.  We have each other.  We have our faith.  And we have the opportunity through prayer to ask God to help us.  

To help us during times of struggle.  To hold us during times of need.  To bring us peace during times of sadness.  To bring us hope during times of despair.  To bring us closer, closer to Him because He is and always will be here for us.  With faith and with understanding, may we always remember that.  

xo, Cat

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