Sunday, December 28, 2014

Feast of the Holy Family

This is a magnet on my sister's refrigerator. 

While I believe these habits were suggested for individual spiritual growth, I'd like to add "as a family" to almost all of them.

Ask for God's blessing each a family.

Offer a prayer at a family.

Reach out to help a neighbor in a family.

Call upon the a family.

Receive the Holy Eucharist for strength and a family.

Give thanks to God each a family.

We've already incorporated several of those habits in our family's routine, but I'd like to reserve the seventh habit for myself:  savor a few minutes of silence.  

Being quiet is important.  It gives me the chance to reflect.  I reflect on hopes, on expectations and on disappointments.  I reflect on my actions - on what worked and what didn't. I reflect on things that happened during my busy day and then make plans to make the next day better.  Through quiet reflection, I can think about so many things.  

As I wrap this year up, I've got a good idea of how to help keep my faith alive in 2015 - by employing these seven faith habits in my daily schedule.

xo, Cat

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