Sunday, January 25, 2015

Amazing Grace

Yesterday, I remembered writing an old FB status while I was trying to figure out how to get to Mass with the kids this weekend. Juggling Sundays with hubby away for the weekend isn't easy.  The times that I've had to do that have brought both success and failure.  Fortunately, friends are helping me shuttle kids to and from Church today (thank you, friends!).  
I'm hoping that next weekend we can return to Mass as a family.  It would be nice to have a repeat of last weekend.  Ronan's capable of joining us, and staying in the Church for the entire Mass as you will read below.  While we wait for that to happen again, I'm going to add Amazing Grace to my playlist.  That song will inspire me, and it will remind me to keep our try, try, try, try and why don't we try one more time attitude.  I need that attitude because with it, we get to provide Ronan opportunities.  And we also get to see him shine.  

xo, Cat
July 2014 - I'm flying solo with the kids this weekend while their awesome Daddy works a second gig.  These are really long weekends for all of us. Little sacrifices that come with long weekends help make ends meet though.  We're counting down the hours to dinnertime when we're reunited.
On these weekends I usually book a sitter to watch Ronan so I can take the Bigs to church with me.  I forgot to do that this weekend. Since we don't skip Mass unless someone is sick or unless circumstances absolutely prevent us from going, the kids I brainstormed which Mass we could go to (aka, the one with the fewest people present in case Mommy has to quickly escape through a back door with Ronan).  We decided to go to the late Mass.
We got ready, had our extra keep-Ronan-happy-things and made it with one minute to spare.  As we walked in, the kids asked, "Do you think Ronan will make it today?"  I honestly didn't think Ronan would.  Silly me.  He rocked it!
Ronan sat with us and made it 25 minutes in the pew (or on my back when we had to stand).  Izzy, who willingly volunteered to help me should we need to leave the pew to the back area, scooted out quietly to the narthex when Ronan had enough of sitting and being super quiet.
Izzy stepped in to encourage Ronan to stick with us (with help from youtube on my phone).  She held his hand and stroked his arm to keep him calm and happy.  Ronan usually doesn't interact with anyone at Mass (unless it's to protest) but shook hands with THREE people when it was time for the Sign of Peace!  Izzy beamed--she is so proud of that brother of hers.
We were able to go back in with the rest of the kids for Communion. I walked down the aisle with Ronan riding piggy back. As we approached Father, Ronan stayed still and rested his head on my shoulder.  He watched me and then bellowed a nice and loud "YUM" in my ear when I received smile emoticon
When we got back to the pew, I was greeted with smiles from Foina, Little Buddy and the Littlest Pickle.  I hated to be separated from them, but it's what we have to do.  The kids gave Ronan a thumbs up and gave me the biggest smile showing how proud they were of Ronan.
Amazing Grace was the after Communion song...after having some very trying experiences with Ronan and resenting all the medical crud he's dealing with lately, this song, its message and the timing was so, so perfect.  I usually cry when I hear this song, but today, I held onto every word and felt a peace wash over me.
Thank You, God, for a beautiful and peaceful Sunday.  I really needed it.

heart emoticon
<3 , Cat

May your Sunday be full of peace, hope and wonder!

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