Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Brainstorming and Thinking in Pictures

I brainstorm writing ideas all.the.time.  In the car, while folding laundry, while getting dinner ready.

Brainstorming is great!  

But I don't always get time to write down my ideas.  

Having no time to write is bad!  

I end up losing the really cool thought that I had when I finally have time to sit down to write, or I have too little time to really do the idea justice.  I want to do something productive while I have a few minutes of peace.  What's a passionate writer to do?  Be creative using a different outlet!

Since I'll sometimes think in pictures, I thought why not make some pictures.  Advertisers do that all.the.time with whatever product or idea they're selling.  I remembered exactly that while listening to the news on the radio one day.  I thought why not just use pictures too.  So I attempted to make some mock magazine covers.  I guess I did a good job with the images on the front cover because someone asked where they could buy the magazine!  I made a follow up post and got a lot of hits on that one too.  

The visuals, infographics, memes, or whatever you want to call them, can be just as effective as an essay, short story or article.  Here are a few that I've put together that have accompanied my writing or that have been shared on the AofA and TMR Facebook pages:


Vaccine bullying.  It happens.  

Opt out of school shots?  YES, you can.  

                Oh, April. How I've come to loathe you.  


You know this, right?  If you vaccinate
your kids, you should know this. 


Me! Me!  I'm a Thinking Mom!

Keep going, mamas and papas.  You can do it!

Keeping my focus on my kiddos.
Love them to bits and pieces,
cats and meeces...and little dogs too.

xo, Cat

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