Saturday, January 3, 2015

From the Mouths of Babes, Oily Babes

Leave it to the Littlest Pickle to make me laugh at the end of a long day.  

I stole an hour away from home today to run over to the Starbucks in town.  I'm not a Starbucks coffee fan, but I do appreciate this amazing stainless steal tumbler (with stainless steel straw) that I found on sale today.  
Normally $19.95, I found this one for $11.99.

Thanks to some chatter on an oily message board, I heard about the tumbler being on sale.  

My oldest daughter and my youngest daughter accompanied on the quick trip into town.  Fiona asked, "Mom, what will you put in your new cup?"  I told her I could use it for cold drinks.  I added that I needed to drink more water and thought that this cup would be perfect.  I could use it while I'm working at home, and I can bring it with me when I jet into town.  The Littlest Pickle had a better idea. 

"Mommy, you can use this new cup with your oils!  You can't put oils in plastic, but you can put them in that cup.  Maybe I can use it too?"  

Yes, my silly goose.  You can. 
The Littlest Pickles' favorite oil...lemon!
Water + essential oils = a happy mama and a happy Littlest Pickle

In health,

xo, Cat

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