Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Live, Love, LAUGH!

So Monday kinda stunk.  

But Monday night?  It was a barrel of laughs.  

Before I share this welcomed turn of events, here is a quick back story of what lead up to what you'll see in the video below:  around here, when you get in trouble, after having been given reminders and have been given more than enough warnings, you will receive some sort of discipline.  Discipline comes in the form of being asked to leave the general population (go to your room), of losing a precious item like a Lovey (Mommy doesn't take your stuff; you + your behavior warrants losing it temporarily), of writing sentences in the Sentence Notebook (until it feels like your hand is about to shrivel up), or all of the above. 

We have a traveling Sentence Notebook.  It will (and has) gone everywhere with us.  In the car.  In a store.  On vacation.  We will go months of not needing to use it, but....

Last night, after trying to redirect Izzy several times to no avail, the Sentence Notebook came out.  Izzy had to be corrected in Ronan's room, so that is where she wrote her sentences.  

There were tears.  

There was sadness.  

There was a sincere apology.  

Then there were fits of giggles.  

Ronan saw the notebook and started to point to the words.  I love that he points to words!  It indicates he wants us to read to him.  So that is what Izzy did.  These giggles were brought to you by Ronan with encouragement from Izzy.  This video is of Ronan laughing.  He is not laughing at her, but at the words his amazing sister is reading out loud:

Here are a few more squeals:

This literally had Ronan rolling over laughing his little head off.  The more Izzy read, the more Ronan laughed.  The more Ronan laughed, the happier we were.  

Being obnoxious gets me in trouble x 20  
What a way to end what had been a rotten Monday.  With laughter.  With silliness.  With love.  I'm hoping that that love and laughter carries us through the rest of the week.  I hope it carries you through your week as well.

xo, Cat

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