Saturday, January 24, 2015

No Comment?

Just like I hear that people can't wait to see what I will share on my Sunday AofA posts, I can't wait to see what sort of responses I'll get from our readers.  I have received hundreds of comments over the years.  Most of the time the comments are reflections of what I've shared.  Sometimes the reflections include a suggestion for me to try with Ronan.  I take time to read every comment because I know that it takes time to write it and to share it.  If you have any comments on the posts that I've written here on this blog, I'd love to read them.  I've set it up so that people can comment on all the posts.  So far, I have one comment.  Yay, me!  
 In doing some research last week for an article, I popped over to the AofA site.  I was looking for a particular statistic in someone else's post.  I pulled up the website ready to do a few searches.  Instead of making searches, I practically fell out of my chair.  I had gotten a new comment on a post that I had written last fall.  I hadn't revisited my Vaccines Cause Autism piece, but it had gotten some new hits and some new comments.  Yay for more hits!  And yay for new comments!  

Well, NOT yay for this particular comment:

You are the worst journalists ever! I know 4th graders who could beat in a debate about this. I'm not insensitive, but everyone knows that vaccines do not cause autism. You are not an expert on, neither is the whistle blower.

Um.  Thanks?
That comment, like another one that I'd recently received, seems to be the running theme on several vaccine-related articles, blogs and posts that I've seen lately.  The other comment that I got?  It was made on that same Vaccines Cause Autism post.  It made me pause.  

I read it.  

I reread.  

Then I laughed out loud:  

yall crazy mofos

After the day that I was having though, I totally needed that laugh.

Trolls, bots and those adamantly oppposed to vaccine choice have left their mark on many of the blogs and websites that I frequent.  I've gotten used to the vicious language and the illogical accusations being lobbed.  I'm not letting their words bother me.  

With the increase in the one-sided news coverage of vaccines, I'm prepared to see an increase in negative comments.  People are working round-the-clock against what moms like me are sharing.  As tempting as it is to respond to the hateful responses, I'll keep focused on writing about my experience in the hopes that it helps another family.  

Now, if ever I am tempted to respond to the bots, trolls or shills, I'll remind myeslf to pause.  To take a deep breath, and to look back at other comments that have been left for me.  Those other comments are much better to read.  They are reflective, encouraging, and kind.  Like this one, left by a long-time reader who gave me one of the nicest compliments that I have ever received.  It's this type of comment - one offered straight from the heart - that I love to read:

As a loyal reader of AoA I am as eager to see what is on your mind every Sunday as I am eager for each and every other post the rest of the week.
Even as a father, I live many of the same emotional roller coaster rides you so eloquently describe - its like I have someone doing my homework for me every single week.
The promises you list ring true for many of us but the one that means the most to me is the promise to continue to speak the truth and share Ronan's story. I believe I speak for many of us AoA diehards - you are our Erma Bombeck of the Bio-Med Autism world.
Looking forward to another year of ups and downs, triumphs and tribulations of Ronan and the crew at the Jameson ranch.

The words in that comment have carried me through many days - good days and tough days.  But more than that, because those words were reflective, encouraging and kind, they've been etched on my heart.  I hope to keep them there forever.

xo, Cat

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