Thursday, January 15, 2015

#tbt - Vaccine Schedule from the 80s

It is no secret that I love the 80s.  When the kids' school hosted an 80s dance, my oldest asked me, "Mom, do you have anything I can use or wear for the dance?"  

"Um, yeah, I do!"

You can take a girl out of the 80s,
but you can't take the 80s out of this girl. 
I showed Fiona my diary, some legwarmers, a 'vintage' M&M mock Swatch watch, an old party invitation full of 80s references, my Rubik's cube and my Trapper Keeper.  By the way, the Trapper Keeper is home to my rocking sticker collection.  Don't be jealous, but I have some radically awesome stickers in there.  

It was great to walk down memory lane with my daughter and recall how fun and simple my childhood was.  After showing her my things, Fiona asked if I could be a chaperone at the dance.  I told her that I wished that I could, but it was going to be held on the same night that Ronan was being admitted to the hospital for an overnight EEG.  She went from being giddy to being sad.  But Fiona understood.  I promised her that I'd be there in spirit.  I also promised her that I'd turn on some awesome 80s music in Ronan's hospital room and dance with him.  That made her smile.  The on-going effects of Ronan's vaccine injury interrupted our family's life again, but she took it in stride.  

I was reminded about the 80s this week when I saw some chatter about the 1980s vaccine schedule.  Some people suggest that we should return to that schedule.  Other people are saying that that's not the answer.  Here's a great ad comparing the 80s schedule to what was current in 2008 when the ad was published in several large newspapers:
Thank you, Generation Rescue!
What a difference back then.  I can see why the 80s recommended schedule is attractive to some folks.  It's even more attractive when you compare it to today's recommended vaccine schedule.  And when you look at the autism rate today (1 in 68)?  Holy smokes!  

And what about now?  

More have been added now - as more more shots have been added to the recommended vaccine schedule so have more kids been diagnosed with autism.  If you haven't taken a peek at what is being recommended for children today, go ahead and pop over to the C D C's website to see it.  I'll give you a hint - it's A LOT.  

Going back to the past to when things were a little bit simpler would be fun, but I don't think going back to the 80s vaccine schedule is the final answer.  I do agree, though, that something has to change with regard to the current schedule.  I'm shocked at how many vaccines are on it.  I personally think that it's not only too many too soon, it's way too many and way too soon!  Thank goodness parents can opt out of what is being recommended.  I know that that option isn't available to everyone, but for those who find that vaccines are not the answer, that option can be a lifesaver.  

Save a life.  Yes.  I will always support that. 

xo, Cat

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