Friday, February 27, 2015

It's the Little Things

Before Ronan got sick, he used to watch the So Smart! videos.  We'd watch a few minutes of one of the three in the series that we owned after bath time when Ronan was a baby.  So Smart! Volume 2 was an all-time fave.  

Fast forward to about a year ago...Ronan discovered clips of the So Smart! series on YouTube.  Oh, the joy that those clips and images evoked!  Ronan was mesmerized.  He was relaxed.  He was so, so happy.  

A few weeks ago, Ronan searched for some of the images from some of his favorite scenes.  Not surprisingly, he found quite a few of them online.  When Ronan wants to do something, he figures out exactly how to do it.  

When Ronan found the black fish image, he brought the iPad to me and signed 'black fish'.  Since he'd been looking for that image for quite awhile, we saved the image to the iPad photo gallery.  Sadly, the image was accidentally deleted about a week ago by one of the siblings.  We hunted and hunted and searched and searched all over the net to find it again.  

No joy.  

We couldn't find it anywhere.  

Until today.  
So Smart!
I printed the image and saved it again.  We'll laminate the picture, too, so it can last a little bit longer. Ronan is signing 'thank you' for black fish picture.  I printed Cecil the Circle on the page too because he love, love, LOVES Cecil too.  

Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  
The So Smart! movies are geared for younger children - from babies to preschoolers.  Ronan is so much older than the age ranges suggested, but I have a feeling that he's drawn to the movies because he remembers watching them years ago when he was healthier, when things were easier, and when things were a lot different than they are now.  When he watched them years ago, it was right before he lost skills, skills that he'd already mastered.  It was was right before he lost his speech.  It was right before he went silent.  

Ronan can get fixated on certain things from his past, like the black fish, but I am always able to draw our more communication opportunities with him when we are using his favorite books, movies, pictures, and words.  Using what's familiar and using what motivates Ronan opens more learning moments.  Those learning moments don't just help Ronan, they help me as well. 

So Smart! brings Ronan back to a different time.  It brings me back memories for me also.  It brings back memories of when I wasn't as smart about my children's health as I am today.  Over time, through experience, and little by little, I learned.  I learned some things too late and will always wish that I knew more back then.  But thank goodness I learned what I did.  

The past, as hard as it is sometimes to think about it, has shaped much of what I do now for my children and for their health.  I will always be grateful for that.    

xo, Cat

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