Monday, April 27, 2015

Swim Buddy

Ronan tested out a walker last week during PT - he took to it very well!  As much as I hate to see Ronan need to rely on a walker, I am very grateful that he can still get up and go.  We'll continue to encourage him to do that while also trying to keep the neuropathy pain at bay.

Ronan seemed to be in more pain last week.  He wanted more help while walking and he rubbed his toes and feet a lot.  He rubs his feet hours after wearing his orthotics.  And he comes out of PT exhausted.  We know that the orthotics and the PT can help, but they aren't going to be the only answers for this leg problem.  

Ronan needs the therapy, but if he's in constant pain (which some days, it looks like he is), then therapy is going to be a struggle.  And it might actually cause more pain then reduce it.  Since we don't want to add more pain and more struggles, we did some brainstorming. 

While trying to think of what we could do to strengthen Ronan's legs, I reached out to a friend who is a licensed massage therapist and got some ideas from her - this week's goal is to find an LMT who can work on Ronan.  Another goal for this week is go back to the pool.  

I took Ronan and his youngest sister to an indoor pool on Friday after a busy day of appointments. Ronan was thrilled!  He loves, LOVES, loves the water.  He always has.  Friday was no different.  Ronan loved the hour or so we got to stay at the pool.  

I'm hoping to go back 2 times this week.  If things work out, we'll make a dip in the pool a regular thing for Ronan.  The low impact exercise, the floating, the splashing, and the peaceful happiness it brings him will do wonders.  I love it when we find something that will do wonders for my little boy. 

xo, Cat

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