Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Very First Post

Happy 100th post!  

For today's post, I thought I'd share the first story that I ever wrote about vaccine injury, about Ronan, and about being Mom to that super kiddo.  

Originally published on the Rescue Post site, you can find the story on AofA.  You just need to go w-a-y back in the archives to June 2007 to find it.   

Sadly, the current members section needs an edit, but the rest of the piece is still pretty accurate.  I joined a club I didn't mean to join.  Many of my friends unknowingly joined that club, too.  To the spectacular moms and dads who have joined that club, as much as I don't like how we met, we've learned from each other.  We've supported each other.  We've celebrated together.  And we've cried our eyes out together, too.  That part is hard, but through it all, we've always had each other.  For however long we're in this club, I pray that we always have each other.       

xo, Cat

To read the original post, please follow this link: The BioMoms Club

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