Wednesday, May 27, 2015

5 Must See Documentaries

I love documentaries.  I've watched quite a few thanks to Netflix.  I've found all sorts of films to watch in their documentary section.  Some of the films I'm recommending are not on Netflix (yet).  Click on the film titles below to be taken to their website and to find out how to view the film.  Some require a download or a purchase.  Others may still be available for screening in a local theatre.  

Happy watching...and learning! 

5 films that I have been recommending to friends and family:

   Watch the trailer.  

Trace Amounts 

I had the opportunity to meet Eric a few times.  The latest meet up was in D.C. for the Trace Amounts Capitol Hill event.  You can read about that event and my interview with Eric and Shiloh here.   

I got to meet Leslie in 2013 at the AutismOne conference in Chicago.  Leslie carved out quite a bit of time to talk to The Thinking Moms.  You can watch that talk here.  

Watch the trailer.

I saw this documentary soon after the mainstream news hyped up the Disney measles frenzy.  That unwarranted frenzy lead to quite a few state-sponsored vaccine bills that would remove parents' rights and mandate vaccines.  Vaccines come with risk.  They are also a big business.  This film discusses that. It can be viewed for free for a limited time.   

After watching this film (and the follow-up, More Business of Being Born), I wanted a re-do x 5.  Since I can't go back in time, I will go forward gently reminding the younger women in my life to read, learn, listen, and to always, always research what they're being told about their pregnancy and their birthing options.  

Watch the trailer

This was an eye-opening film about nutrition, disease, and healthy living.  We changed some of our eating habits after watching it and after doing some further research on the benefits of whole foods and a plant-based diet.  

5 more documentaries that I've yet to see but will be making time to watch soon:

" a story unique in documentary history and one that can change your mind" 

"a brand new documentary about the sick normality of vaccination"

"the untold story of Lyme disease"

"it's time to get real about food"

"documenting a gentle approach to overcoming fertility challenges"


Do you have a list of "must see" films?  Feel free to share that list in the comments below.  
xo, Cat

*all images were found from a Google image search; the video clip is from a youtube search

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