Thursday, June 25, 2015

Seeing the Able

Ronan has had a roller coaster week.  He was overwhelmed on Monday.  He was full of peace and calm on Tuesday.  He was exhausted on Wednesday.  So far today, he's happy.  I hope he continues the happy because we have a chance to meet up with friends later.  I love meeting up with friends.  The ones we've been hanging out with are so kind and a lot of fun.  Many of their children are also kind and tons of fun, too.  I shared a few thoughts about those kids just a few weeks ago.  

Our friends' children are a lot like my children.  They know that Ronan is different, but they choose to see that he is the same.  In thinking about how these children treat Ronan with the respect that they do, I remembered a post I wrote last year.  The piece was a reflection of a question that one of my college professors asked, "What type of educator will you be, one who is color blind or one who is color conscious?"  As the semester went on, we were to take that question a step further.  We were not being asked if we'd be color blind or color conscious about the color of one's skin but about how we, as future teachers, would react and respond to students with disabilities.  

When asked what sort of educator I envisioned I would be, I said I would be color blind.  I would approach, teach, and advocate for all of my students with kindness and with respect no matter what their abilities or disabilities were.  My children, and many of our friends' children, approach Ronan with that same attitude.  Watching them interact with Ronan gives me a great sense of peace and an immeasurable amount of hope.  

We have a chance to interact with those friends later today.   I'm hoping and praying that Ronan will enjoy the time we'll get to spend with them.  In order to get him ready, I'll make sure to prepare Ronan before we go out and to give him a head's up again before it's time for us to go home.  

Dear Ronan,

We're going out later today.  We're going to someone else's house to play.  Tons of your friends will be there.  They believe in you so much.  It makes me very happy to see that.  I hope it makes you happy, too.  

Love, Mommy

Summer is here.  So are fun meet ups.  I can't wait!  

xo, Cat

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