Saturday, June 27, 2015

Storm Prep

We've seen a few storms roll through our area recently.  Some of the storms reminded me of a scene in the movie Something Wicked This Way Comes.  I don't remember too much of the plot, but I do remember one scene where the wind whipped.  Then it howled.   Lightning crashed.  And it lit up the sky.   The eerie music that accompanied the changing weather was a sure sign that something bad was about to happen.  

Bad things did happen in the movie.  I don't remember those scenes since I only saw the film once, but I'll never forget the ominous feeling that that storm conjured.  It had me reaching for a blanket.  I'm not a big fan of scary movies.  And I have never been a fan of thunder storms.  Call me a scaredy Cat, but I just don't like them.  

Some of my kids don't like thunder storms either.  As scared as I sometimes am when the big ones come through, I put on a brave face.  My children depend on me to keep them safe at all times.  I can't help them if I'm hiding under a blankie with them.   
A magnet I saw at the store - it's perfect for this scaredy Cat!
After losing power for three days a few years ago due to a storm, I had to buck up.  My husband was out of town at the time, so it was up to me to keep the kids safe, fed, and safely sheltered.  It wasn't easy, but we survived.  After realizing that I was very unprepared to handle a long-term emergency situation, I brainstormed what I could do for the next time we encountered bad weather.  That brainstorming turned into a blog which included the 5Ps.   

Since writing that piece, we've had countless storms.  Snow, rain, thunder, and wind storms.  They've happened.  And I deal with them.  I'm not out there dancing in the rain, wind and snow when they roll through, but with an emergency plan in place, I deal with storms a lot better now.  

We drove through a storm last weekend.  Once we heard the weather alert on the emergency broadcast system, we took precaution and found safe shelter.  Turns out the storm was a tornado.  While it didn't touch down near us, the hail, the updraft, the funnel cloud--that was all there.  We didn't experience the hail nor see the funnel, but we experienced a deluge of rain and dangerous wind while driving home from taking the kids out to dinner.  

We made it home safely but weren't out of the woods as more storms were coming.  Thankfully, with our plan in action, we safely rode out the high winds, dramatic lightning, and endless thunder until the sky cleared without losing electricity or needing to hide in a safe place in the house (or under a blankie).    

You never know when you'll face an emergency.  Be it a weather issue, a medical issue or a personal safety issue, having a plan to handle unexpected and potentially dangerous moments is not a bad idea.  We have a few plans in place (for storms, for medical issues, and in case Ronan wanders) and go over them several times a year.  When we set a plan to action, each of the kids knows to listen for my voice, to follow the directions, and to try always try to stay calm.  As scary as some of our past emergencies have been, I stay as calm as I can as well.  

Storms happen.  Accidents happen.  But life happens, too. Do what you can to make the most of life no matter what gets thrown your way.  

xo, Cat

If you've "weathered the storm" and want to share how you prepare your family for emergencies, add a comment below.  Thanks!

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