Saturday, June 20, 2015

When Words Fail

If you know me, you know that I am an 80s girl through and through.  Fisher Price Little People, Super Friends, the Muppets, Rubik's Cube, Garbage Pail Kids, VHS movies, and mixed tapes.  Yep.  I had it all (and still do!).

Speaking of mixed tapes, I love this paper.  It was a liner of the envelope that my birthday card came in.  

And speaking of the card...

Pack rat that I am, I'm sure I have a few of my mixed tapes around here somewhere.  Maybe I'll find them over the next days.  I'm taking the first week of our summer vacation to reorganize my closet, to sort through the kids' closets, and to go through some boxes of "memories" that I haven't been able to part with.  

When I clean, I usually listen to some music.  Until I find my mixed tapes, I'll listen to the Depeche Mode station on Pandora.  The playlist on that station is really good.  It takes me right back to my high school days and to when things were a little bit simpler.  Music brings back good memories and keeps me motivated.  Some of the songs give me a sense of calm, too.  I rely on music (and tons of prayers) to get me through busy days, through tough days, and through those cry-your-eyes-out days.  

I've written about a few songs in the past.  When I need some inspiration, I'll go back and reread those posts and listen to those songs I included.  Here are a few of those posts (click the text) that I sometimes reread with the songs (click the song title) that, depending on the day, could easily be on a continuous loop:  

I feel for you...
Dust in the Wind

I'll surely continue to add songs in my writing as they inspire me.  Music soothes the soul, and like Hans Christian Anderson's quote says, some of the music I listen to speaks to me.  

Image source: Tumblr

On the very difficult days, I find that quote to be very true. And on the good days, well, that's when you'll find this 80s girl dancing in the kitchen.  Here's to more good days and to more dancing in the kitchen.  

xo, Cat

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