Friday, July 17, 2015

But Once

This was made for me many years ago.  It hangs in my walk-in closet.  I don't normally decorate our closets, but I love that I see this every morning when I'm getting ready for the day and again every evening when I put my clothes away.

I've been thinking about the saying on that wall hanging quite a bit lately.  It acts somewhat of an examination of conscience for me.  It's actually what helped me to curb the time I was spending on Facebook.

I'm still checking in every now and then on FB, but I'm not spending nearly the same amount I was in the past.  That's because I was finding little good in what I was reading the longer I stayed online.  I didn't feel any sort of kindness, nor did I see much good.  I was seeing the opposite.  I'd walk away from the computer wishing I hadn't read something or seen something or felt the emotions I was feeling.  

Those images and those negative comments may have flashed across my screen but once, but some of them, including the emotions I was feeling, ended up staying with me long after I'd log out.  

I shall pass this way but once
Therefore any good that I can do
Or any kindness that I can show
Let me do it now
For I shall not pass this way again

When I read that quote I am reminded to be conscious of a few simple things:  to do good and to be kind.  Something else that comes to mind lately when I reflect on it is more important - what I say, what I write, what I read, and how I respond to others, even if that encounter is only once, can have a permanent affect.  Knowing that, I'd rather my encounters with others be positive, hopeful, helpful, and charitable.  Not every one will be, but those sorts of encounters are ones that I desire for myself. Those are the ones I'd hope others would want from me as well.  

I shall pass this way but, at the store, in Church, among my community...therefore any good that I can do...for others, for my family, for myself...or any kindness that I can those around me, to those in need, to those I've yet to meet...let me do it now, for I shall not pass this way again...

What a great way to live - with goodness and with kindness! I'd like to strive for that.  I'd like to always remember to live like that.  To remind myself to do that, I'm going to continue to cut back on social media, and I'm going to keep that wall hanging exactly where it is.  I've had that wall hanging in my closet for four years now.  I read it at least twice a day.  I reflect on it several times during the day, too.  In the closet it will stay so that I see it when I wake, and so that I can reflect on it before I go to sleep.  

Kindness and goodness ~ may we all encounter those simple acts throughout the day.  

xo, Cat

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