Friday, July 24, 2015

Flying at Half Mast

You will never do anything
in this world without courage. 

It is the greatest quality
of the mind next to honor.  
                                              - Aristotle

My oldest daughter captured this photo today.  The white clouds and the stunning sky made for a perfect backdrop to the flag that was flying at half mast.  She edited the colors in the photo giving it a vintage look.  

The vintage look reminds me of the past.  It reminds me of patriotism, too.  

Patriotism, courage, and honor are admirable qualities.  You hear about those qualities in the people who fight to defend our freedom.  Today, as we saw multiple flags in our community flying at half mast, my daughter and I remembered those for whom the flag is flying.  

We remembered their honor and their courage.  

We remembered their strength and their sacrifices.  

We remembered them, and we prayed for them. 

For their families, for their loved ones, and for those they left behind...we prayed for you as well.  

xo, Cat

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