Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Speak UP

A little over a year ago I wrote a short piece about a few celebrities.  Some would describe these Hollywood types as brave.  I don't think they are any more brave than you or I.  They're simply expressing their thoughts and opinions.  Don't we all have something to say.  We do, but holy cow.  Do these famous folks get the beat down for speaking up!  And for what?  For sharing a thought or an opinion?  

Since when is that a no no?

Speaking up about an issue isn't controversial.  Threatening to take away personal health care decisions is.  That's what the media should be focusing on, not calling out every actor or director or comedian who is questioning vaccines and the risks each one carries.  
From the CDC website
In Hollywood, it's not just a no no to publicly question vaccines; it's the start of a fire storm.  But some are braving that storm.  And I am grateful for every bit of the 140 characters they are squeezing into their well-thought-out tweets.  Those tweets have sparked conversations.  Those conversations are waking people up.  They are making people open their eyes to what's really happening.  They are keeping a very important conversation going.  

To me, it isn't only the initial act of speaking up that is brave.  It's the continuous act of standing up to the media that is courageous.  

To continuously question.  

To not back down.  

To stand up to the media madness.  

To weather the fire storm knowing it will affect a career and a reputation.  

That takes guts.  That takes bravery.  And it should be commended.  

So, to those who are making noise, if you're an actor, actress, comedian, professional athlete, or are a mom like me, and you are speaking up because you recognize that our personal rights are being taken away, you have my thanks.   

You will always have my thanks.  

xo, Cat

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