Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Very Best Medicine

Book Sale!  Oh, how I love a book sale.  Our library has one every few months.  I cannot resist all those books, movies, CDs!  I greet them with open arms.  My kids do, too.  Yesterday, when we saw the book sale and the Half Price signs in the foyer of the library, I told the kids, fill 'r up.  Get as many as you want.  

We walked away with some G-rated VHS movies, a few kids' books, a book about apps for the iPad, and lots of smiles.  Yay for more reading!  Yay for wholesome movies our entire family can enjoy!  Yay for smiles!

In all of her cutest, while looking for the just the right book, the Littlest Pickle picked up the smallest book she could find.  It's a Little Critter book.  Its teeny tiny pages show pictures of a doctor and that doctor's busy day.  I cringed.  I've seen too many juvenile fiction books about doctor visits to know that that genre may look innocent at first glance, but they turn into a vaccine advertisement instead.  If this book followed that theme, we would not be purchasing it--no matter how inexpensive it would be.  

I asked the Little Pickle if I could see the book.  I flipped through the pages. I read the short sentences.  I scanned the illustrations.  It being such a teeny tiny book, the story was over as quickly as it started.  

And it was going home with us.  

No fear.  

No doom.

No gloom. 

And quite happily, no push for vaccines.   

My daughter does not fear the doctor.  Nor does she fear the measles.  She does fear for her brother's future though.  His vaccine injury is very real, very worrisome, and sometimes very scary for her to think about.  So, thank you, Little Critter,  for not depicting the patient or the disease in a negative way.  Thank you for educating, not indoctrinating.  And thank you for putting a smile on my daughter's face.  

My youngest daughter loves to smile.  With how her non-verbal big brother continues to suffer from seizures, from digestive issues, with severe developmental delays, and how he is prone to wander, we welcome as many smiles that we can around here.  Oh, and we welcome hugs, too.  Hugs truly can be the very best medicine.  

xo, Cat

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