Monday, August 17, 2015

Beach Day

A few weeks ago I wrote about a vacation we took last year.  I included some traveling tips--tips I'd be using for the vacation we were planning for this summer.  Sadly, things happened, and we never got to take that trip.  Even after trying to reschedule an epic summer road trip, we were forced to stay home. Fortunately, we still found time to get out of the house for a day of fun.  And can I just tell you...what a fun day it was!  

I shared that story with some pictures of Ronan's Surfer's Healing camp over the weekend but wanted to post a few other pictures, including some more that a friend took. 

Ronan feels safest when he's close to us.  
The anticipation of watching the surfers
bring the kids in is truly amazing.
Gratitude x infinity
Another bonus to that perfect day?
Watching Ronan play, like really,
really play when he came back to shore!

Our entire family enjoyed being on the beach with the other families, with the tons of volunteers who made the camp possible, with the Surfer's Healing surfers, and with our friends who joined us for one perfect day.  Until next year...mahalo!   

xo, Cat

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