Monday, August 24, 2015

Motivation on a Monday

There we were having a quiet, boring summer when all of a sudden our family calendar exploded.  I'm diving into a week full of appointments, sports practices, and games.  Some appointments are for me. Other appointments are for the kids.  Some of the activities will include some of us, others will include all of us.  

Not factored in the busy-ness that will keep me terribly busy is my ever-growing To Do list.  Nor does it include the prepping I need to do for the kids' new first day of school, which is right around the corner. And it doesn't include the time I want to set aside to write.  

That's okay.  Being busy is good.  It gives me a purpose.  It gives me goals to work toward.  It gives me goals to complete.  Being busy could backfire though.  

I may forget to do something.  

I may become overwhelmed.  

I may make a mistake (Ha ha! At 9am this morning, I already did! So I can cross Make A Mistake off my list.)  

Making mistakes and being overwhelmed because of the busy-ness may even make me doubt myself. Doubting myself may make me feel like I have failed which in turn make me afraid to go on.  

I like being active, and helpful, and useful.  What I do not like is being afraid.  This week will be a test. It's chock-a-block full of lots and lots of important stuff.  It has the potential to be stressful.  It has the chance to suck every positive thought out of me.  But I won't let this week or the busy-ness that it has already brought slow me down.  Nope.  I won't.  I'm going to go forward. 

With strength.

With hope.

And with faith.  

Join me? 

xo, Cat

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