Thursday, August 20, 2015

One of The Good Ones

It's always hard to let the good ones go...  

We said goodbye to one of Ronan's aides yesterday.  Even though she only worked with Ronan for a short time, we all got attached to her.  Within minutes of saying goodbye, Ronan's youngest sister sadly said, "I miss MG already."  I replied, "I do, too."  

Ronan is a special kid.  He has some serious needs and requires a lot of support.  We're a busy, there's-always-something-going-on kind of family.  MG knew all of that.  She wasn't afraid of any of it.  

Her kindness.  

Her caring.  

Her compassion.  

Plus the hard work.  The attention to detail.  And the professionalism.  

MG had all of those qualities and more.  

We hated to lose her, but it's time to start looking for a new helper.  Thankfully we have another awesome aide who is available on weekends, but we need a more full-time helper on weekdays.  Hopefully we find just the right person again for Ronan and for our family.  We have a nice network of friends and therapists that I can lean on for referrals.  It can sometimes take time to find the right person, so I'll put the word out to some teachers, parishoners, and neighbors we know, too.  I'll share details about the position and also give them the job description we drafted, the same one we used to hire MG.   

MG was more than just Ronan's aide--she was an answer to a prayer.  We're praying again.  We're praying that we can find someone just like MG.  Pray with us too?


xo, Cat

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