Monday, September 21, 2015

Believe It

Ronan is non-verbal and non-conversational.  We know that he has far more receptive language than expressive language, so we're always thinking outside the box to find ways for Ronan to successfully communicate with us.  While we pray that the expressive language catch up with the receptive, we celebrate mini-milestones whenever they happened.  Like this one that happened yesterday, which I shared with family and friends on FB:

Another awesome moment brought to you by Ronan!  He has never shown us that he knows how old he is.  All these years I wondered if he understood that concept.  Does he have a clue?  

I think he does.  

We were just going over some sign language and one of the prompts was 'How old are you?'.  I put a piece of paper in front of Ronan after and signed to him.  Ronan looked at me and then wrote 12 on the paper.  Thinking it was a fluke, I asked Ronan again how old he was.  

He took the pencil and wrote on the paper again.


Not totally believing him (why I don't know...the kid is so smart!) I asked him a few minutes later, "How old are you?"

Once more, he wrote 12.  

Yep, he's 12, and yep, he sure showed me!

Sometimes, I'm one of those see-it-to-believe-it type of people.  That isn't a bad thing.  It isn't a bad thing especially when it's Ronan who helps me to see and to believe.  

I believe in you, Buddy.  I always will.  

xo, Cat

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