Friday, September 4, 2015

First Friday Reflections

When I was a child in Catholic school, we always went to Mass on First Friday.  I loved being able to go to Mass at school. Later, when I taught at a Catholic school, I was excited to bring my class to Mass on the first Friday of each month.  After I left the classroom, when time, naps and good energy levels and behavior permitted it, I'd take my own children to First Friday Mass.  I felt, and still feel, such comfort when I go to Church.  I'd describe it as a feeling of being home.  

I don't get to daily Mass nearly as often as I'd like to now.  Something else I don't get to do is take Ronan to Church.  I'd love nothing more than for him to go with us so that we can go to Church as a family.  We keep trying to bring Ronan, but he continues to struggle.  

Ronan still isn't handling Church very well lately.  That means that on Sundays, someone must stay home with him. My husband goes to the early Mass, and I go to the later Mass.  None of us like that we have to split up, but for now, it's what we have to do. 

Ronan's siblings have gotten used to that arrangement, but they keep praying that Ronan will be able to join them at Mass soon.  I keep hoping for that as well.  Hoping and praying.  We do a lot of that around here.  A quote I saw earlier this morning reminded my why we must continue to hope and to pray:  

Never stop believing in hope 
because miracles happen every day. 

Ronan's siblings' intercessory prayer:
Fr. Vincent Capodanno, pray for Ronan, his healing and recovery.  
We are constantly praying for a miracle for Ronan, for his healing and recovery.  Care to join us in that prayer?

xo, Cat

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