Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Truer Words

Truer words were never spoken.  

I've seen variations of that a few times in the last week.  After reading a comment, made by a reader with a screen name Researcher, on my latest Sunday post, I'd like to borrow those words.  

Ronan was not injured because of you, 
but there is hope for his future because of you.

Talk about a compliment.  And talk about a truth bomb! 

Researcher had written more in the comment, which was very uplifting, but that last part made me cry. Don't worry; they were good tears, much-needed tears.  They were different than the ones I had when I wrote Baby of Mine.  The cry that I had while writing was a sad cry full of sad reminders.  Those tears were needed to.  They served as a cleanse as well as a reminder (which was later reiterated by
a dear friend and fellow autism parent) that as hard as things get, giving up is never an option.  

Giving up will never an option.  Nor will keeping silent.  All that I share and say and do are reminders--not just for me, but for those who read, and listen, and question what I share.  
Some begin to question what they've been taught or told. 

Others would rather not.  

Some heed the advice I offer.  

Others pass on it.  

Some hear Ronan's story and take it as a warning.  

Others do not.  

That's okay.  I respect that people will not always agree with me, but it won't stop me from sharing Ronan's story.   I'll continue to share that story with others because it's a story that started out like so many other children's stories started, "I had a beautiful, happy, healthy baby until..."  

I don't share Ronan's story, nor mine, to make people change their ways.  I share Ronan's story, and mine, because there is a story to tell.  When I share, I get all sorts of mixed responses.  Sometimes, though, it isn't a response that I get; it's a reminder.  And the reminder that is provided isn't for one of our readers.  It's for me.  

The reminder, like the one in Researcher's comment on Sunday, which happen to come at just the right time, at the end of a difficult day, when I had more negative thoughts than positive thoughts, and when it was I who needed to heed a message, was simple:

...there is hope for his future...

Truer words were never spoken, well, in this case written. 

I needed that reminder, because yes, there is hope for Ronan's future.  I don't know exactly what that looks like yet, but hope will always have a place in Ronan's future.   That I can guarantee.  

xo, Cat  

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