Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Every few months I get an overwhelming urge to rearrange the furniture.  Usually, it's my kids' rooms that get a quick makeover, but sometimes it's one of the common rooms in the house that I tackle.  The last time I decided to rearrange a room it was the office, a.k.a. my hidey hole.  

I love our home office.  I get lots of writing and thinking done in that room.  It's the size of a small bedroom and rather cozy.  But lately, it's been referred to as the ROD (Room Of Death--thanks to my Sacred Sister for that name!) as it is the dumping ground for any and all receipts, important paperwork, medical notes, insurance Explanation of Benefits, pesky bills waiting to be paid, and anything that whatever else that I'm trying to ignore.  

I had ignored some paperwork that was sitting in front of the file cabinet in the office for way too many weeks.  I knew I had to sort through it, but I was starting to dread it.  There are reminders in that pile - of medication mishaps, of costly mistakes, and of frustration.  I dreaded having to go through the pile, and soon, I had started to dread walking into the room that was quietly housing that pile.  Instead of facing the frustrations, I let them stack up around me and take over a room that our entire family needs to use.  

The day I finally decided to attack that pile, I looked around and saw that it wasn't just the pile making me feel overwhelmed.  The flow of the room was off, too.  The cozy feel that this room usually offers was no where to be found.  I glanced at the piano bench and the small end table and saw why.  The coziness had been replaced with clutter--and not just mine this time!  

The kids had been pig piling into the office a lot more and have been leaving traces of themselves behind--a headband, a food wrapper, a pair of mix-matched socks, flip flops, and some dirt that had been tracked in.  Ugh.  I couldn't blame them for the mess though.  I haven't been the perfect role model cleaning up after myself!  It was time to motivate myself, to clean up, and to get reorganized.

Sometimes motivation is hard to come by.  With distractions all around, it's easier to get (and to stay) sidetracked with those distractions than to focus.  I know that when I remember to clean up, though, the flow of a room, our house, and even my thoughts, become positive again and lots more can get done.   

I don't know if I'll ever catch up on everything around here, but I've finally gotten (most of) that unruly pile sorted.  With that challenge behind me, the office was getting its cozy feel back.  After reducing the stress and the clutter that I'd allowed in, I did some minor rearranging of the furniture and like what I saw.  

The room looks nice again.  

It feels cozy again.  

It's inviting.  

It's welcoming.  

And it now has a spot where, when I have time, I can snuggle up and read.  

I read a lot--magazines, newspapers, articles on the web--but never books.  My attention span is ridiculously short, partly because of the demands being demanded of me but also partly because my attention span is just ridiculously short!  When I found one of my favorite books of all time late this summer, I thought I'd work through that short attention span and read the book in one sitting.  


It's taken me forever to get through the book - not just because of daily demands and that I'm a slow reader, but also because of how rearranged life gets.  Just when I think I have enough time to relax, my family needs me.  Just as soon as I get one thing done, something else immediately requires my attention.  Just when I think everything is finally in order, our schedule changes.  Just when we get used to a routine, I get tugged in one direction and then in another.  The book has gone with me to doctor's appointments, to volleyball games, and accompanied me in the car ride line as I wait for the kids' dismissal bell.  I bring it with me in the hopes that I can finish it.  But I have yet to finish it.  

I know I will soon.  And I know just where I will sit down to do that - in a quiet corner in our cozy home office.  That'll happen on a day when I feel like I am caught up with life.  

Some days I feel like I can't catch up.  But I do my best.  I do my best to be positive, to stay organized, to focus on what's important, to appreciate the little things, and to always inch forward.

xo, Cat  

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