Monday, January 25, 2016

Bookmarking the Truth

When the blizzard kept us home for days on end, I had some extra time to clean out the closets.  From that cleaning spree, I have 2 large bags and a box of items to donate.  The items may not be brand new, but they are good condition and will hopefully serve a purpose for someone else.  

The girls were not sad to see their things go.  I wasn't either.  The things I was donating to the give away pile were a few t-shirts I no longer wear and a pile of books that I knew that I'd never read cover-to-cover.  Only a few of the chapters and topics in the books interested me.  

I'd bought the books one or two at a time at thrift stores over the last few years hoping to use them for a research project.  Instead of finishing the project, the books sat and sat and sat on one of our bookshelves.  I spied them over the weekend and decided that it was time for them to go back to the thrift store.  But before they go, I'm going to add a page of my own to each book. 

Consider it a missing appendix or sorts, but these books, all of which are meant to educate women during pregnancy or the first few years of parenting, are missing something:  the whole truth.
- In sections regarding autism, there's no hope that autism can be prevented. 

- In sections describing vaccines, there's no warning that vaccines come with very serious side effects.

- In other sections of these books, when listing the vaccine schedule, there's no information about vaccine exemptions.   

- In sections describing well-baby visits to the pediatrician's office, there's no mention that parents can and should question what their providers are saying.  

What can be done?  Why, add a bookmark with updated information in those very sections that need clarification, of course!  

The bookmark is simple - on one side it lists a few websites and names of books I've found helpful.  On the other side of the card is a simple yet incredibly important handwritten message from me that was originally said by a friend of mine just a few years ago: Parents, Do the Work!  
As is to be expected, since I've bought some of these books at thrift stores, several of the books are rather old.  Some information is still relevant but other data in the parenting books is no longer current.  Parents can easily find more current information on pregnancy, on parenting, and on what happens during well-baby and well-child visits now while reading online.  But some people, like me, can't resist thumbing through books looking for information.  That's why before these books go back to the thrift store, I'm slipping that bookmark in.  It's simple but can lead a new mom or dad to some valuable information, information that I wished I had years ago.    

I like it when something I have in my possession can help another person.  Sometimes it's things.  Sometimes it's advice.  I don't expect everyone to take my advice, but it is nice to know that other people occasionally do seek it.  When what I have to offer is gently used clothes, toys, or books, like the ones I'm donating this week, I hope that they land in the hands of someone who truly needs it.  Those books were like a motherhood bible to me.  I'm sure they will be that to a new generation as well.  

Who knows where the information I've inserted in the pages of the donated books will go.  If only one mom or mom-to-be reads it, I'm happy because what she reads will certainly lead to more reading, more wondering, and ultimately, some questioning.  As I've learned from past experience, reading and questioning and wondering is never a bad thing.  They are all are very good things indeed.    

xo, Cat


Here are just a few of those useful websites that I've bookmarked and that I also love to share:





Trace Amounts


Got a favorite book or website to share?  Go ahead and share it in the comments below.  

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