Friday, January 8, 2016

Breaking the Silence


I'm not a big fan of covers, but this band's version is really good.  It was especially neat to hear after one of Ronan's therapists and I chatted yesterday about how vocal Ronan has been lately.  She wants to integrate speech into our ABA program.  I want to as well.  I think Ronan wants to also. 

Since our trip a few weeks ago, Ronan's verbal attempts are at an all-time high.  The ones we are hearing are breaking the sound of silence that we are so used to.  He said "shapes", a favorite word that is usually just typed.  Then he tried to say "blue", a word we've never heard him say.  And, for the last two weeks, every time he wants his big sister to say his favorite movie lines, Ronan looks right at big sis with those big brown eyes of his, utters what sounds like 2 sentences, and waits for her to reply.  

She does.  

He laughs.  

She waits.  

He asks her again. 
With each interaction, we witness peals of laughter, lots of smiles, and a boatload of hope and happiness. 

We've a long way yet to go, but I'm encouraged.  I like that Ronan's people are as well. 

xo, Cat

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