Saturday, February 13, 2016

Be still, my heart!

I have always wanted to read this book with Ronan.  I know he's seen it before and has heard the story plenty of times, but he's never wanted me to read it aloud to him.  The other morning, right after Ronan woke up, Ronan didn't just listen to me read The Very Hungry Caterpillar, he really, really, really looked at all the details of the story. 

He read along with me.  He turned the pages for me.  He pointed to the moon, the leaf, and the egg. He also pointed to the apple, the strawberry, the orange.  Then, he pointed to all the yummy pieces of food on the next page.  After he pointed to the yummy pieces of food, he signed them, too!

I thought Ronan was starting to lose interest because he turned the book away from me.  But he wasn't losing interest.  After looking at all that food, he wanted to show me something that he'd seen - the page that had the word food on it.
After he showed me that page, he turned back to the page with all the tasty treats to show me all of his favorite foods again:  cake, ice cream, cupcake. 
That's my boy!
Eric Carle has always been one of my favorite authors and illustrators.  I own several of his books and used them frequently in the classroom when I taught.  Many of my students liked his books as well.  In fact, a long time ago, my 2nd graders and I decided to write a letter to Eric Carle.  He replied and sent a packet of information - including some images of his artwork!  I saved that packet and couldn't wait to show it to Ronan when he and I were finished exploring The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  

I know that Ronan will enjoy seeing that packet of information and the sketches that Eric Carle made for other stories he's written.  I hope seeing them will encourage more reading, more communicating, and more meaningful moments like the one we had when we dropped everything and read on Friday morning.  To be able to share the love of reading, especially with that book, with my non-verbal sometimes-can't-sit-still son, was such a beautiful moment.  I can't wait to create more just like it.  

xo, Cat


Do you have a favorite author/illustrator?  Who is it?  What makes them your favorite?  Share a link to their homepage in the comment section below.

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