Friday, February 26, 2016

He Speaks


Guess what?

Ronan spoke.  I know!  It's ridiculously exciting!  

Yesterday was filed under Non-verbal autism can suck it. Today has been different, very different.  In fact, today, I'm jumping for joy! 

Ronan, who is 13 years old and non-verbal, will sometimes say Em or Um or Uh-Mum-Um for Mom.  Not today.  After breakfast Ronan whispered mommmmm while trying to get my attention.  He's said it before, but it's been years, literally years, since he said my name and said it that perfectly.  And he did so with purpose and clarity and with the sweetest voice I've ever been blessed to hear.  Join me as I revel in the awesomeness.  

Ronan spoke.

He said my name.

I could burst!

xo, Cat

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