Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Reprinted in TVR!

So, not only did I get to talk to one of my personal heroes last week, but I also got a nice follow up email from Barbara Loe Fisher after our conversation.  In the email, Barbara, who is president of The National Vaccine Information Center, asked to reprint my latest AofA article.  I said of course!  

NVIC has been my go-to site for many years.  I've learned so much from from their research and their advocacy efforts.  I'm honored to have a Guest Writer spot in one of NVIC's publications, The Vaccine Reaction.  

Here it is.  Shared, happily and with permission, by one of my favorite groups on the planet.  Thank you, NVIC!

xo, Cat

Click here to see the article:  Cat in TVR 

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