Thursday, February 25, 2016

Unlock the Mystery

File this under:  Non-verbal autism can suck it.

Like so many people say, our kids are in there.  It's so true.  Ronan is fully aware and somewhat abled, yet he is so very delayed and severely disabled.  Ronan needed something today and kept trying to get me to help him.  For the life of me, I could not figure out what he wanted.  

Before he got frustrated, which can happen quickly and has happened quite a few times this week, Ronan reached for the keyboard.  He typed:

Mom I ke

Think.  Think.  Think.  What did he mean?  I had no idea.  I asked Ronan to type again.  While he did that, I mentally retraced his last steps.  

Mom I ke

OH!  I knew what he wanted.  Ronan was trying to get the tablet which I'd locked in my bedroom.  

Mom I ke = Mom, I need the key.  

It was so simple yet required an enormous amount of patience and problem solving skills.  Some days I am severely lacking in both of those...but not today.  I unlocked the door and gave Ronan the table.  He beamed and confidently walked away.  


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xo, Cat

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