Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Seuss and Smiles

Mid-day motivation: a second cup of joe and a Dr. Seuss quote
It's no secret that we love Dr. Seuss.  But if you didn't know that, guess what?  

We love Dr. Seuss!  

I've written about Ronan's love of all-things-Seuss before, including the time he uttered a full sentence straight from a Dr. Seuss book.  That happened on a tough day that later turned out to be the most amazing day:

Half-way to school that morning, and after we’d said our morning prayers, the kids began talking about their last week of school and the fun events being planned.  In the midst of the excitement from my four typical kids, I heard something else.  “Look at me…”  Keeping my eyes on the road, I moved my rear view mirror to try to get a glimpse of my kids’ faces.  “Who said that?  WHO?!”  Little Buddy smiled.  Both little girls squealed.  With the proudest smile Big Sis calmly said, “Mom, it was Ronan.”  And it was.  I cocked the mirror a bit lower and saw that Ronan was pointing to that sentence on his favorite page.

“Look at me…”

After I shared that story, Ronan was gifted with a beautiful Dr. Seuss print.    

Ronan still loves Dr. Seuss.  Ronan's little sister does, too.  Her class was invited to bring in a Seuss book to school today in honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday.  We knew we had a few books for her to choose, but we did not know we had this many books!  It was so hard to choose just one, so she took them all in today. 
But wait!  There's more!  So much more!

Ronan has tons of books, quite a few movies, and a couple of games - and he does a great job sharing his stash of Seuss stuff with his super siblings.  They thank him by reading his most favorite pages aloud to him.  
We'll take some time to read through and to talk about our favorites Dr. Seuss stories when we're all together again later today.  Now, if I had to pick one...I don't think I could.  Dr. Seuss writes so well, his books are all so very good!

xo, Cat

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