Saturday, April 9, 2016

I'll Be There

I popped onto Facebook late Friday afternoon.  Having had a very busy morning, I just wanted to relax for a few minutes.  I sat down next to Ronan, who was also taking a break and playing on Wii, and scrolled through my news feed.  Since I had less than an hour before I had to jet out again, it would be a quick peek.  

I had just about had my "fix" and was about to log out when I told myself just a few more scrolls....a couple more status updates to read...and I'll be all done...when I saw a request.  My friend was looking for other moms for assistance.  

Our community added a new member.  

A young mom.  

Her child recently vaccine injured.

Trying to do things on her own, she knew that it was time to ask others for help.  Could one of us moms help?  Please?

I could.  

Having been that new mom before, I immediately contacted my friend who posted the request.  Hey, I'm here.  What do you need?  What does the new mom need?  Is it resources?  A link?  The name of a doctor?  You name it, I'm ready to help.

As quickly as I contacted my friend, she connected me with the new mom.  

Hello, I'm Cathy, mom to a vaccine injured kiddo.  I've been at this a long time.  I'm sorry to have found you, but I'm happy to be here to help you.  Tell me what you need.  If I can't help personally, I'll do my best connect you with someone who can.    

We sent a few emails back and forth.  In mine were ideas.  Names of providers.  Phone numbers of their practices.  Suggestions of what to do now.  Forewarning of what may come down the road.  Each email ended with the same thought.  I told her: 

If you need anything else, just let me know.  I'll be there to help, to offer support, to be an ear to listen, to hold a hand.  Whatever you need, I promise that I'll be there.  

I don't know this woman personally, but she joined a family of mine - a family of moms who have come together under the most unexpected circumstances.  It makes me sad that another child has been adversely affected, but I am ever so grateful that in someone's hour of need, I could offer a few kind words, a few simple suggestions, and a few prayers as well.  Those prayers are the same ones I say for all of the families I've gotten to know who've been negatively affected by vaccines.  They are prayers for strength, for healing, and for hope.  

May we always be there for one another.  And may we always choose to hope.  

xo, Cat

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