Friday, April 1, 2016

Painfully Aware

We will not light it up blue.  We will not embrace autism.  We will not celebrate it either.  

The autism diagnosis Ronan has has brought seizures, developmental delays, gastro-intestinal problems, aggression, wandering, the loss of independence and the loss of the ability to speak.  Why would anyone ever ask us to celebrate any of that? 

With all of our hearts we love this little boy and the joy he brings to our lives.  That smile.  Those eyes.  The clarity in his gaze, even if it's only for a second or two long, we live for that.  We really do.

We will always celebrate, embrace and love Ronan and invite you to do so, too, by not lighting it up blue, by not embracing a debilitating disorder, and by not celebrating that autism is who Ronan is. 

Because he is so much more than just an autism diagnosis. 

xo, Cat

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